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    12/15 HOU-ATL-ROC Airtran 290/598

    Flight leaves Houston at 6:30 AM. 2nd flight leaves Atlanta at 12 PM. This is the one I'm a bit worried about. Hoping it looks worse than it will be. What do you think? Thank you in advance!
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    9/26 ROC-ATL-Houston 586/284

    Flying Airtran tomorrow, wheels up at 5:50 AM, should be in Houston by 10:15. Haven't flown in awhile, have my fingers crossed for this one.
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    9/15 iah-clt-roc

    Plane leaves at 3:30 PM. Better than the last one? Thanks!
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    9/10 roc-clt-iah

    Departing at 8:30. I see storms, yikes. Thank you!
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    Small,small planes (6 seater)

    OK, so I don't really like flying, but I have become accustomed to it. I am now even able to laugh at myself when I start to panic during turbulence -huge change, I went almost 10 years without flying because of fear. However, I may have to take a leg of an upcoming trip on a Cessna 6 seater or...
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    FRA - SYr

    How does my return trip look tomorrow from Frankfurt Germany to Syracuse, NY? OK, I hope, from Philly to Syracuse we are in a 9 row Dash-8 or something like that :( Thank you!
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    USAir Charlotte-Frankfurt

    Hi there. Tomorrow from Syracuse NY to Charlotte and from there back up the coast over to Frankfurt Germany. We leave Charlotte about 4PM. Thank you!
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    Flying to Europe

    Hello everyone - has anyone ever flown to Europe before? I am flying from North Carolina to Frankfurt on Tuesday and I have heard that there are parts of this flight that are always pretty turbulent. I would like to believe that is not true, but would like to be prepared. I really dislike...
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    Iah-dtw-roc 9/16

    Thank God my flight isn't tomorrow so that Ike is out of the way now. Is this looking OK? I leave at 12:30 and arrive at 7:00PM. NWA. Thanks.
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    Nwa Roc-iah

    Hello, I have never done this before. I fly Northwest out of Rochester NY at 9:30AM, layover in Detroit for an hour, and then to Houston. I think that it looks like it will be OK?
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    I'm flying to Houston in about a month on NWA. For the short flights from Roch to Detroit, I'm on a DC-9. Any info on these?
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    Extreme today

    Wow, extreme in Florida today! At 37000? Just out of curiousity, what would cause extreme turbulence at that altitude, a thunderstorm? And also, what would extreme turbulence feel like?
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    OK, going to Germany from NY at the beginning of October. First a CRJ 900, then Airbus 330. Anythought on the 330 (I know the CRJ is small) turbulence wise?
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    St. Croix

    Hello, next Wednesday I am flying to St. Croix from Rochester, NY. First its an ERJ 170 from Rochester to Philly at 7AM, then Philly to San Juan Puerto Rico on a 757-200. From San Juan to St. Croix it is the dreaded (for me) AT7 prop plane. We are arriving in St Croix at 3:30. My question is...