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    Turbulence Tu & We 26 & 27Nov

    First off happy Thanksgiving to each of you. If you're flying in the US today & tomorrow expect the seat belt light to be on. In almost all of US expect light to moderate turbulence & possible even greater in the NE. With the above said, flight crews don't like bumpy rides either so they will...
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    Happy July 4th

    I want to wish each of you a happy & safe 4th. May the skies be clear & your flights smooth.
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    4/28 6:50P AA933 Mia-GYE

    My daughter & law & new grandson is taking this Sa. evening. She is a very nervous flyer. If some one has time to take a look at this & give me another opinion.
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    US1584 CLT-PVD Su. 29Jan 0800

    Thanks in advance. The last one was "right on the money". Return same day US1865 PVD-CLT @ 1700.
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    US1855 PVD-CLT 1700 27Jan

    This just came up & I apologise for being late, so no problem if no one gets it. Thanks in advance.
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    Us1996 1/1 clt-pvd @ 804p

    Happy New Year & thanks.
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    US1584 Clt-Pvd 12/18 8A

    Return is US 1865 Pvd-Clt at 505P same day. Thanks in advance
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    US1584 Clt-PVD 2Dec 0800

    Thanks in advance.
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    11/20 AA938 Gye MIA & AA3573 MIA CLT

    Sorry if this is to short notice. Thanks in advance. AA938 GYE MIA 845A 100p AA3573 MIA CLT 425p 635P
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    USairways 8am 30Oct Clt-PVD

    Boeing 737-300 my son is on this one. How does it look. Thanks in advance.