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    Gorgeous landing in Tucson

    Had a forecast made for my flight to Tucson from Portland, Maine on April 3rd, 2018. Was pretty spot on. Decided to record my landing in Tucson with my gopro and wanted to share with you all!
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    4/3 6am PWM-ATL-TUS DAL1249 DAL1240

    Hi, posting just a few hours shy of 2 days since I will be busy the next couple. Flying home to Tucson from Portland, Maine with a stopover in Atlanta. Was wondering how it looked! Thanks so much, DAL1249 DEP: 6am ARR: 9am DAL1240 DEP: 10:38am ARR: 11:38am
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    06/07 5am bos-dfw-sea-anc aa2549 aa1402 asa101

    Hi there, I know it's just a tad early but I'll be super busy next couple of days. Flying back home to Alaska on Wednesday 06/07 from Boston, with stops in Dallas and Seattle. Wondering how it looks?! Thanks so much! AA2549 BOS-DFW Dep: 5:00AM Arr: 8:08am AA1402 DFW-SEA Dep: 8:55AM Arr...
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    08/10 7:16am TPA-EWR-BOS UAL 780/2045

    Headed home from vacation. Looking good? Forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms I see. Thnx!
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    08/03 07:00am bos-ind-tpa swa 591 & 2490

    Good evening, flying out to Tampa this week from Boston with a connection in Indianapolis. My girlfriend is coming along and this is her first time. Was hoping to get a forecast to put her at ease. She's worried about thunderstorms in the Indy and Tampa areas. Thanks so much! SWA 591 BOS-IND...
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    Great but bumpy landing in Phoenix

    Flew to Phoenix from Boston. Recorded the landing. American Airlines A320 landing in Phoenix:
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    07/09/15 BOS-PHX 6:20am AA #582

    Hi, I'll be heading back to the West Coast to visit friends and family, and was curious to know your thoughts on the flight and how it looks? Thanks! Dan
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    11/12 8:15am AA 1222 TUS-DFW & 11/12 6:25pm AA 1001 DFW-TUS

    Flying to DFW and back for my flight attendant interview with AA and was wondering what the flight will be like! Quick turnaround and coming back home the same day. Thanks as always!
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    12/9 1:55p TUS-LAS SWA 3443

    Leaving for Las Vegas and looks like it may be bumpy due to wind up in Nevada? Always love your forecasts! Thanks and happy holidays! Dan
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    01/13/12 Jetblue 408 PHX-BOS Dep: 11:40 PM

    I am taking a red eye flight from Phoenix to Boston and was wondering if I could get a forecast? Thanks Jetblue Flight # 408 Dep: PHX @ 11:40 PM Arr: BOS @ 6:29 AM Thanks again,
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    08/03 TUS-DEN Frontier 172 Dep: 2:35PM

    I am flying out to Denver this coming Wednesday. hoping to get a forecast. I know there's a chance of some severe weather in the Denver area that day. Flight arrives at 5:34PM Denver Time. Thanks much, Dan