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    4/15 3:51pm FLL-BOS SPIRIT616

    Sorry for the last min post, but just saw the conditions this morning. Lots of turbulence over Boston. Is this going to be a rough flight, or just a bumpy landing?
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    This would be a dream come true!!
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    7/14 LAX - FLL 2:30PM (PST) JetBlue 700

    Sorry for posting so late, but I had a last min flight change. The map looks terrible today through the middle of the country, any chance it can be avoided? Should I delay my flight, if so by how long?
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    Anything help?

    I've done everything. Bought books, CDs, online programs, seen therapists, hypnotherapists, taken drugs, ect. NOTHING has worked and I can honestly say that it's getting worse with every flight. My last flight was 4 hours of pure misery each way. Very rough, non-stop turbulence for the ENTIRE...
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    Anyone try SOAR?

    Anyone try the SOAR program they advertise here? If so, what are your results? If not, are there any other programs people would recommend? Either at home, or in person?
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    Flying through severe turbulence?

    Has anyone flown through areas which were marked on the map as having severe turbulence? If so, how was it? I will be flying across the east coast tomorrow and it's marked as having wind storms and severe turbulence on the map. Is this going to be traumatizing?? Are the pilots usually able to...
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    Has anyone had any luck with medication for flying? I don't really get anxiety any more from flying, I just feel really uncomfortable the entire flight. I can't really relax and the flight seems like it takes forever when you feel this way the whole time. During turbulence I get sweaty palms and...
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    puddle jumpers

    Going to the islands next month and have the option to go by ferry or on one of these little 8 person puddle jumper. I've never been on one before, are they scary to be on? Do they drop and share a lot or are they pretty smooth?
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    Flights getting more turbulent?

    I've always hated flying, and it has definitely limited my traveling, but hasn't prevented me from going where I need to go. I've been traveling pretty frequently for all my life and have always been bothered by turbulence, but have noticed that in the past 2 years (aprox), my flights have been...