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    2/28 2:05pm ATH-TXL A3822

    From Athens to Berlin, there's a bit of weather above Berlin (wind/gusts) so wondering how the route looks.
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    3/11 1:55pm ATH+TXL A3820

    Hi, bad weather in Berlin so I'm wondering what ll happen.
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    Landing in windy conditions

    Hello, I am flying to Berlin next days and I see there are ground winds of 10mph with gusts of 30mph. How bad is the approach gonna be?
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    15/9 a3823 18:15 txl-ath

    Winds are predicted for Berlin until late afternoon. I am posting it a bit earlier because of the time zone difference :)
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    9/9 u25758 15:55 nap-txl

    Hello, I'm flying to Berlin from South Italy in a few hours, would love some news. ( there's this weather(?) on the first half of the flight path : although the other models don't show anything)
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    1/1 8:30am ATH-TXL A3852

    Flying back to Berlin tomorrow.. (posting it a bit early just in case) I see windy Berlin weather. how bad?
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    Landing in Berlin on new years day with 7bft (gusts up to 55km/h)

    What should I expect from a landing in a windy condition, about 50km/h (gusts) ? depends on the direction? (Berlin on the morning of 1/1)
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    12/15 4:50pm TXL-ATH A3853

    Hey, flying in a couple of hours and worried.
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    6/16 11:25 txl-ath

    Hello, I know it's too far to predict, but as I'm looking at the weather and it looks like it's gonna be pretty rainy/windy/stormy in Berlin on Friday when my flight's happening, I'm quite worried.
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    3/17 16:50pm TXL- ATH A3853

    Hello, travelling a bit later this afternoon to Athens. Some of the European maps aren't available anymore and I can't understand how to read the new ones..
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    8/14 08:40 aia - txl a3852

    Hey guys, I'm flying in a couple of hours from Athens Greece to Berlin and I'm worried about the strong winds currently in Athens.
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    4/3 a3852 ath-txl 8:40-10:35am

    Can't really decipher the Atlantic map and worried about the big storm currently in western Europe
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    Could you interpret the current European weather (Atlantic map)

    Hello, I'm flying this Sunday and although it seems the weather is gonna be better than it has been the last week in western and central Europe I'd be interested to understand the Atlantic map :what's the big arrow? Im flying from Athens to Berlin.
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    1/27 10:05 am TXL-FCO AB8706

    Hey, flying from Berlin to Rome tomorrow morning, would be nice to have a prediction the map looks bumpy
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    8/17 8:15am ath - fra , lh5915

    Hello guys, I'm returning to Frankfurt this Sunday. Anything special about this flight?