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    9/12 1:05pm MTJ-ORD-LHR UA3671 UA931

    Headed over the pond for the first time in 2 years. Hoping for a decent ride. Thanks in advance!
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    8/8 7am SYR-ORD-MTJ UA2206 UA5917

    Forecast on the way here was spot-on. Hoping for similarly great conditions tomorrow!
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    8/2 11am DEN-SYR F9 654

    Hoping for good weather tomorrow!
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    8/1 5:12pm GJT-DEN F9 298

    I'm not optimistic about this as we've had high winds and storms nearly every afternoon for a couple of weeks, but hopefully the weather gods are smiling tomorrow afternoon. Thanks in advance! We're continuing on to SYR on Monday; I'll post a request for that tomorrow night.
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    7/12 4:30pm SFO-ASE UA5805

    The flight here was 100% smooth. I'm hoping for more of the same! Thanks in advance!
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    7/9 3pm ASE-SFO UA4705

    Oh goodness, I copied the formatting example and forgot to change the time 🤦‍♀️ We're heading home Monday afternoon. Maybe I'll get it right then!
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    7/9 3pm ASE-SFO UA4705

    Taking this unusual routing thanks to United's recent award flight sale - 8,000 miles roundtrip per person! I know the way in and out of ASE is supposed to be kind of wild so I'm hoping for good weather to make it minimally intimidating. Thanks in advance!
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    1/30 10:45pm KOA-DEN-MTJ UA1731 UA5584

    Other than a bumpy hour or so just off the CA coast on the way here the flighs were nice and easy. Hoping for more of the same! Thank you!
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    1/23 7:30am MTJ-DEN-KOA UA1164 UA1758

    There's snow in the forecast here in MTJ in the morning so I'm expecting the usual lovely winter rollercoaster to DEN; I'm hoping it's not too bad to KOA! Thank you!
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    9/21 3:35pm ORD-MTJ UA5642

    We dodged most of the weather on the way here - hoping for a good flight today as well!
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    9/19 1:21pm MTJ-ORD UA4578

    I might be too late on this - disregard if so, thank you if not!
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    9/7 11:15am CDG-ORD-MTJ UA986 UA5642

    Coming back home and looking forward to a hopefully smooth flight. Forecast on the way was spot on, btw. Thanks in advance!
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    8/28 1:21pm MTJ-ORD-LHR UA4578 UA938

    Hi, Heading across the pond to check out the UK for the first time. Thanks in advance for any info! Jessica PS- The last time I requested a forecast I realized I submitted it really late, but I got a response anyway. Thank you for that.
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    6/10 10:05am ORD-MTJ UA4587

    Hoping for decent weather. Thanks in advance!
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    4/7 6:45am IAH-DEN-MTJ UA2226 UA5857

    The weather here tomorrow is supposed to be total crap--hoping for the best!