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    March 13- DTW to Fort Myers #2239 Delta 10:00am

    Hi again, wondering how bumpy. As always, thank you!
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    11/20 flight #2348 SLC-DTW

    Short notice, but hope you can respond. Thanks!!
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    DTW-SLC #2335 Wednesday Nov. 16 Delta

    Flying again!! Please advise as there are so many advisories today. You are so helpful, thanks in advance! Not going till Wednesday.
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    11/7 PVG-Chicago United 836 5pm

    Short notice, but can you let me know expected turbulence, thanks in advance.
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    Oct 31 United DTW-Chicago 366, Chicago to Shanghei 835

    Please forecast our trip to Shanghei. Thanks in advance!
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    10/14 DTW-BOS FLIGHT 1722 3:45 Delta

    Thanks in advance!
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    4/25 US Airways #239 PHX/DTW 6:45 pm

    Please forecast. Flew out on the afternoon of April 17th, quite bumpy almost the whole way. This is the return trip, thanks again!
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    Feb. 7th Delta 90 Incheon to Narita 172 Narita to NYC Kennedy 2407 New York to DTW

    Returning from Asia to Michigan in 30 hours, please forecast. Planes are different than out trip which was a glorious 777. Please let me know what to expect as soon as possible. Thanks! Leaving 11am, 2:30pm, and 6:30 pm respectively.
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    REPOST- Delta Flight 159 Feb. 26 12:10pm Dtw- Seoul south Korea

    Hi again, flying Delta. Thanks in advance.
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    Feb. 26 Flight 159 DTW-Seoul, South Korea 12:10pm

    Cannot remember the code for Incheon, but thanks ahead for your forecast.
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    1/31 GSO-DTW 6493 7:05 am

    Hi again, any predictions for the flight home? Thank you in advance.
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    Sat. Jan.22 OR Sun. Jan. 23-#6647 DTW-GSO 10:10am

    Hi again, thanks in advance. Have ability to go on either day, same time and flight number. Does Sat. or Sun look better to you in terms of turbulence?
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    12/5 Dtw Delta275 12:50 pm to Tokyo/ Delta 59 to Beijing

    Hi again, long flight, hope you can forecast for me today! Thanks in advance.
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    #9197 DTW to Frankfurt Oct. 4

    Feel I muddled my last posting. As always, thank you again in advance. Wondering how much turbulence you expect!::)
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    Oct. 4- dtw to Frankfurt #9197

    Leaving for Europe again, Detroit to Frankfurt on Dec. 4th Flight #9197. What can I expect?