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    9/08 13:35z LHR-PHX BA289

    Interested to hear any thoughts. Thanks
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    6/08 AMS - CTU 20:00z KLM0891

    Hi, Hope you can give me a forecast - thanks!
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    3/14 SEA-LHR BA048 19:35 (= 3/15, 02:35utc)

    Hi, Been a while since I've asked for a forecast - must be getting better at coping with flying. Hoping for a smooth run home.
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    6/18 LHR-BKK 21:30z

    Just reformatting and bumping this in case you get to it in time thanks
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    LHR - BKK 20:30z 06/18

    Hi, Travelling on Thai to Bangkok on the 18th June - hoping for a smooth flight. Thans
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    3/29 SFO-LHR 01:50z

    Hi, Heading home after a too short trip to Calaveras County, depart SFO at 18:50 on the 28th local time. Thanks
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    01/29 JNB - DXB - LGW Departs 17:05z

    Reluctantly leaving SA on Friday - would be grateful for a forecast. Thanks
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    01/24 LGW - DXB - JNB 13:40z Emirates

    Hi I am off to South Africa via Dubai. Hoping for a relatively smooth flight...? Thanks
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    01/07 BKK-LHR Thai Airways 05:30z

    Hi, Returning home from Bangkok on Thai - hope you can give me a forecast. Thanks
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    12/22 LHR-BKK Dep. 21:35z

    Big ole scary flight from London to Bangkok on Thai fast approaching - any ideas about turbulence to expect gratefully received Thanks as ever
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    12/02 LGW-CPH 07:55z

    Hi, Hope you can give me a forecast - thanks
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    11/23 lgw-alc 15:00

    Hi, Short trip to Alicante - would be grateful for a forecast Thanks
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    10/21 JFK-LHR 23:05z

    Hi, Flying out on overnight BA 747 on Weds evening - grateful for a forecast. Thanks
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    10/14 LHR-IAD BA217 09:50z

    Any thoughts? Thanks
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    9/18 JFK-LHR 19:05 (23:05z) BA174

    Heading home on a 747-400 - not a fan of flying at night, so hoping for a decent flight. Thanks