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    When did this become a Fear of Flying board?

    The endless posts with endless irrationality and panic are getting tiresome. Use your head, and grow a pair. Get a grip, people. There are so many more things worthy of your anxiety that you do on a day to day basis. Eating, driving, walking, weather, terrorism..all of them carry higher risks...
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    Scopolamine Gel

    Getting a problem with airsickness, and otc meds don't seem to work that well anymore. Yesterday I got a scrip for Scope's a gel you rub on your wrists and the scopolamine is absorbed that way. The patch is more for boat travellers so I got this instead. Anyone have any experience with...
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    PHX to OKC This Evening

    Well, Pireps show none most of the way and light around Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. USA1 shows the same, so I will let you all know how it went later. But I find flying out of PHX at this time of year in the evening can be bumpy, as can flying over New Mexico in the early evening due to...
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    How accurate do you find the TB forecast?

    I fly alot...too much! I think I have more hours than some crew. My job has me flying across the country several times a month, but sometimes just across the southwest. I am based out of PHX. I check the TB forecast every time..24 hours out, then 3 hours out. If I had to venture a guess, I...