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    6/27 New York to COLORADO

    very nervous...flight leaves at 1 I is look?
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    why is it always bumpy around colorado? and is this extremely unsafe? couldnt a plane crash into the mountains due to this?
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    3/25 New York to LAX-UAL... help!!

    please i leave tomorrow at 4:30 im nervous!!!how will my flight be???
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    3/25 New York to LAX

    how will my 4:00 flight be? hopefully smooth!! thank you.
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    i just got back from california and the flight was great as predicted thank you! i am going back out next sat. at 4:30 from NY will this good airlast? sure its to early to tell but im very anxious!!
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    how long?

    i was wondering how long this lack of turbulence will last. I might be going to san fran next weekend and i wanted to know if i will be lucky enough to enjoy a turbulent free flight like the ones recently...
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    3/17 NY to LA

    I am so afraid of flying especially coast to coast...i was wondering if there would be alot of turbulence on my 4:00 flight from NY to LA saturday the 18th? i hope for good news!!! :)
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    i am so scared of flying, especially of turbulence...can anyone give me some sort of information that will assure me im safe?!? :oops: ....also, wat are "air pockets" are they dangerous?