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    Crossing the Mid Atlantic in December

    Hi, i'm thinking of taking a trip from Europe (FRA) to Florida in December. If i'm going its likely i take the Lufthansa Flight from FRA to MCO and since this normally goes straight across the Atlantic from Europe. So i wonder if you guys have any experience how its normally going this time of...
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    5/19 LH 458 MUC to SFO 4:05 p.m.

    Hi Folks, i'm flying on Sat again to SFO on LH 458. I guess its a far north route and wonder how the forcast is - i guess its a far north route again. Thanks!
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    4/02 muc - sfo DLH 458

    Lufthansa 458 departs munich at 4:15pm on a Airbus 340-600 any idea how the flight be going? and thanks for this great service!