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  1. tb_neg

    forum upgrade

    I recently upgraded the forums software. It was quite intense, so if you see something glitch wise, make sure to use the comment form on the main website to let me know.
  2. tb_neg

    Forum updates

    I apologize for the recent forum outage. It was not intentional. My web host made a change to SSL and I wasn't aware of the forums not working until someone sent me an email. I have fixed the issue. I intend to keep them functioning in perpetuity.
  3. tb_neg

    1/9/2016 dtw-mco

    Recently flew on a flight from DTW-MCO on 1/9/2016. I don't want to name the airline but it was an early morning flight (and it wasn't Delta). Boarded, captain came on and said he was expecting a smooth flight. I hate to say it, but I knew better. Sadly, I was proven correct as starting...
  4. tb_neg

    tb_neg no forecasts 3/21/2015 - 3/26/2015

    No forecasts from tb_neg 3/21/2015 - 3/26/2015 Thank you for your support.
  5. tb_neg

    8/11 MCO-DTW 2pm

    Sometimes even I get a forecast.
  6. tb_neg

    No tb_neg forecasts 8/7 - 8/13

    Hi. Taking some time off for travel, I won't be doing forecasts for flights occurring on 8/7 - 8/13. coachrowsey might chip in if he has time.
  7. tb_neg

    Regarding new forecast by email option

    You may have noticed a new link on the main site regarding Forecasts via Email. This is nothing more than another way to serve site visitors that don't want to bother with a forum or want to have the convenience of communication via email. The forums will remain exactly the same as you have...
  8. tb_neg

    Format subject lines/date correctly

    Please format your subject line like it says to in the rules. The airline and flights are optional. Threads posted that don't follow the format may not get discussion. Thank you. 4/15 3pm FNT-DTW-MCO NWA2102 NWA228
  9. tb_neg

    No tb_neg forecasts 3/17

    I will not be logging on 3/16 4pm EDT - 3/18 11pm EDT for forecasts. Please submit 3/17 flights before that time, 3/18 flights may not be forecasted, and I will pick up 3/19 flights upon my return, although one of our other forecasters may pick up your flight.
  10. tb_neg

    2/12 MCO-DTW 12pm

    Hello special guest forecasters. Do your best! I'll be back to the grind Sunday night and have really appreciated the break; it was much needed. Thank you for filling in.
  11. tb_neg

    2/5 DTW-MCO 12pm

    Who forecasts the forecaster? :)
  12. tb_neg

    No tb_neg forecasts 2/4/2012 - 2/13/2012

    I will be unable to do forecasts 2/4/2012 - 2/13/2012 due to travel and a need to decompress. Our other forecasters may be able to chime in on occasion during this time. Thank you! Please be sure to treat our guest forecasters warmly. See you guys soon.
  13. tb_neg

    iPhone and iPad Turbulence App Now Available

    We now have an iPhone and iPad apps out for Turbulence Forecast. Please download them and install them, but also important, rate them.
  14. tb_neg

    New registration procedure

    Having just deleted over 5,000 spam accounts, I have decided to close the self registration system. I will still process registrations, but to discourage spammers, a donation will be required if you wish to open a forum account. For more details...
  15. tb_neg

    tb_neg forecasts unavailable 6/9-6/14

    Due to personal circumstances, no personalized forecasts will be available 6/9-6/14 from me, although b744drvr may be available. Thank you for your understanding.
  16. tb_neg

    READ NOW: The rules of personalized flight discussion

    Everything you wanted to know about personalized flight discussions. Please read this before posting, even if you've read the old rules. Updates made 4/23/2012. Executive Summary 1. Do use a subject line exactly formatted like this: 4/15 3pm FNT-DTW-MCO NWA2102 NWA228 (especially the date...
  17. tb_neg

    3/5 DTW-RSW DAL Self Forecast

    My own self forecasts have been pretty popular posts in the past. That being said I probably won't be doing forecasts from March 4th-March 13th, although I will try to login. At this point, I'm going to guess it's going to be decent, with some light bumps out of DTW for a bit.
  18. tb_neg

    3/19 DTW-MCO Self Forecast

    My previous self forecasts have been somewhat popular, so I'll do one for myself on my upcoming trip. My inclination is that this will be a smooth one at this point. Jet stream might still be over FL for some light bumps. If I have time to set it up and if the plane has WiFi I may even do a...
  19. tb_neg

    NEW! Turbulence Videos

    Check out our new Turbulence Videos
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    Forum Upgraded to vBulletin 4.0 and Happy Holidays

    Dear forum members. As you can see, we've updated to the latest vBulletin software, version 4.0. Please let me know if you have any problems with the upgrade. I thank you for your continued support; as you can see, this upgraded forum marks my continued commitment to the site, the loyal...