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    11/25-fi 0614-jfk-kef

    going to Iceland from New York... any idea? I sort of hate being in 757 over the atlantic... thank you!:)
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    6/18/09 dl 160 /jfk-mxp/ 5:00pm

    can you please give me an idea for this trip? looks like there's severe turbulence upon Ireland and Europe in general... ouch:frown: thanks so much!
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    3/26/09-jet blue 788-st marteen-jfk

    looks...bumpy to me...
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    2/24-jfk-mxp-dl 5:00pm

    hello leaving tuesday 2/24 for Milan from JFK. Right now I see quite a lot of RED on the map. Is going to be rough? I take this route once a month and lately it's always been bumpy:frown: