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    9/7 7:44 AM DL1453 CVG-TPA

    Hopefully you can get this one by tomorrow night as well. Looks like probably a repeat of the first flight in, just some bumps in Florida and beyond this time around, maybe?
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    9/3/2020 DL1453 TPA-CVG 10:50 AM EDT

    Hi... Don't know if I'm smart or stupid for flying during a pandemic, we will see. I think this look decent if we can avoid weather? Upper atmosphere looks really stable and jet streams far to the north. Thanks!
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    5/2-5/15 Munich, Salzburg, Prague.

    Unfortunately this trip didn't happen due to the virus. The flights were cancelled and I have trip credit for the next two years thru Delta. Trip looked like this: 5/2 1:00 PM TPA-ATL, 5:00PM ATL-MUC, 5/15 MUC-ATL, ATL-TPA. Would have been my first trip out of the country since 2008 when I...
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    9/30 cvg-tpa dl740 9:05am edt

    I'm thinking the return trip looks better than my inbound... Fingers crossed. Thanks :)
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    9/26 tpa-cvg dl740 12:10pm edt

    Hello again, making a jaunt up north for my sister's wedding... thankfully it looks relatively quiet weatherwise. I've had some good luck with my flight experiences recently, hoping that will continue :) Thank you!!
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    7/21 sdf-tpa wn4173 6:00am edt

    Thread for the flight back. I think this one will be OK, the one up I am not so sure about. Lucky for me Southwest's only direct on this route on a Sunday happens to be so early. My anxiety will be much less and I'll probably be too tired to stress out about it. Thanks in advance. :)
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    7/19 tpa-sdf wn2388 10:25 am

    Hi. Nervous for this one for a few reasons. Never flown Southwest, although their cult following makes me hope it is good. I wanted a Delta flight but couldn't find anything that was more convenient for scheduling. In terms of the flight itself, it looks like the remnants of Barry will be on...
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    Weather along North/South flight paths

    Hello, My family really wants me to visit over the 4th of July, but I'm noticing that DL 723 and DL2928 (the two flights I'd likely be on) have dealt with weather or even had to go around due to weather in the past few weeks. I certainly don't mind paying a bit extra to book at last minute once...
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    11/25 lex-atl-tpa 8:20 am dl1120/dl2193

    I see a very colorful map at the moment. Weather forecast looks good in all three airports so I'm hoping that means the flights won't be too bad. Thanks!
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    11/21 dl1891/dl321 tpa-atl-lex 12:40 pm

    Hello again. Thankfully, weather looks a lot better than it did this time last week. Staying cautiously optimistic for flights home. Thanks again, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    9/3 sdf-atl-srq 7:17 pm dl2496, dl1600

    Hey again. Hoping for a similar trip back. I do know that the weather looks worse the further south you go, hopefully nothing too bad. Thanks again.
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    8/31 srq-atl-sdf dl 1519, dl 2491

    Hi TB. Been quite some time since i've flown on an airplane, and I now live in a different part of the country. Going back home to see the girlfriend and friends/family over labor day weekend. Seems like flights shouldn't be bad in general, just have to avoid the storms (the entire Southeast...
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    3/28 6:25 am SEA-DTW-MCI DL1560, DL3861

    Hello again. Had a great week out west. Lots of fun. Hoping for a smooth ride back home. Thanks again!
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    3/21/15 6:00 am mci-atl-sea dl 941;dl2189

    Hi there. Been a little while. Sorry for this one being so close, hope you get to it in time. Headed to Pacific Northwest for work purposes. I have flown in to SEA a few times, usually pretty bumpy no matter what time of year so I'm fine with that. The most annoying part of this trip is the...
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    12/28 8:14 AM lex-atl-mci dl 5376 dl 2075

    Hoping for as good as I got coming out! Looks like the second flight should be ok, not so sure about the first one.
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    12/24 5:40 am mci-atl-lex dl941 dl5470

    Hi! Hope your holiday season is going well. I am a bit nervous about these flights, in particular the connection from ATL.. weather forecast for my hometown not looking too good. I usually fly through CVG and have someone drive me but this ended up being the cheaper way. Hopefully the early...
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    How would you classify this?

    Is this Mod-Severe, or Severe turbulence?
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    11/25 dl 3888 mci-cvg 4:30 pm

    Maps not looking too good right now. Hopefully it clears up by then. I'm assuming jet stream turbulence ocurs where the isolines are close together?
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    Winter Flight

    Is flying in the winter generally bad? I know the jets make turbulence worse. I will be flying soon to see my family for Thanksgiving (both ways) and just hoping that it will be as nice as it was the last time I've flown this route (MCI-CVG)
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    8/26 mci-cvg dl 4007 4:53 pm

    Posting return flight now because I won't have time to get to it tomorrow. Hopefully both flights are great!