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    6/07 bru-kgl sn465 10.55am cst

    Hello all, due to fly from Brussels to Kigali on Tuesday. Curious about route and conditions - any potential turbulence?
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    Flying over Africa

    Hello all, just wondering about flying over Africa at this time of year? Due to fly from Brussels to Kigali next week (daylight) and back after 10 days (night) - any thoughts on routes and general conditions? I'll send a personalised request closer to the time. Thanks all, DG
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    07/03 mon4704 lgw-tcp 0900

    Morning all, heading out on a charter flight from London to Taba, Egypt tomorrow (Monday) morning. Just wondering on the route and conditions?
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    02/04 LHR-MLA KM103 8.30pm GMT

    Hello all, due to fly from London to Malta for the weekend tomorrow evening, just wanted to know how Europe is looking? Thanks, Dave
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    12/24 fra-dbx lh630 14:30

    Hello all, travelling from Frankfurt to Dubai on Christmas Eve. Just wondering how it's looking? KR, Dave
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    Trip to South America

    Hello all, thanks for your input into my personal forecast requests for my trip over the last few weeks - visited Toronto, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Iguazu with visits to Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil... Photos will be gradually posted on my Flickr page. Would love it if folks would take a...
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    11/06/2010 gru-lhr jj8084 23:55

    My trip is coming to an end, looking for thoughts on my homeward flight from Sao Paulo to London Heathrow, overnight Saturday/Sunday. Thanks, David
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    10/22 MUC-YYZ AC847 11.50am

    Hello, due to fly from Munich to Toronto on Friday, hoping for a smooth ride. Due to move onto Santiago Chile on Sunday, so could you also be kind enough to check: 10/24 YYZ-SCL AC92 11.40pm
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    How is the Atlantic looking?

    Hello everyone, despite analysing these forecast maps in detail I still seem to think they all say something different! Due to fly to Toronto, Canada from Europe on Friday - anyone able to give me an insight as to how things are at the moment? Thanks again for your support, DG
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    Flying in South America

    Hello all, I just wanted to ask about peoples' experiences of flying in South America. I used to be very scared of flying, and since I've had hypnotherapy I am able to fly without too much bother, although turbulence does still make me feel extremely uncomfortable. During the last week 10 days...