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    11/29 5:15pm DFW-BOS JetBlue #256

    Thank you!
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    11/28 7:00am BOS-DFW JetBlue #253

    Thank you!
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    11/22 MCO-PVD SWA#456 10:40am

    FLIGHT CHANGE. My infant son fell ill and so we are flying out tomorrow now instead of this afternoon. Thank you!
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    11/21 MCO-PVD SWA#479 1:50pm

    Return trip from Orlando. Thank you again!
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    11/16 PVD-MCO SWA#937 9:45am

    Hi! Looking for any feedback you may have on this flight. Thanks for all that you do!
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    10/25 san-bos jbu 416 1:40pm

    Returning after a quick trip to San Diego. Thank you!!
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    10/23 bos-san jbu 415 9:40am

    Hello. I hope I'm not submitting this too late. I haven't been on the site for a while as I've been trying to avoid any flying. This one is an unavoidable business trip, unfortunately. :frown: Boston to San Diego, at least I'll be my favorite city I suppose. Thanks for your insight!!
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    6/27 SAN-BOS JBU412 10:40pm

    Returning on an overnight to Boston. There always seems to be a lot of thunderstorms overnight & I hate night flights because I can't see land below me. Hoping the weather cooperates! Thank you!!
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    6/22 BOS-SAN jbu415 9:45AM

    Good morning! Hoping you can provide some insight on this one. Taking my 5 month old on his first flight and hoping that by keeping him occupied I'll be less focused on how scared I am of flying. (wishful thinking!) Thank you!!
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    5/21 bos-lgb jbu419 6:05pm

    Hoping you can provide some insight on this flight. With all the rain and thunderstorms we've been having in New England I'm hoping and praying that the sun comes out and the bad weather disappears in time for this flight. Thank you!!!!
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    6/28 MCO-PVD SW485 6:45pm

    Any insight you can offer would be appreciated. Looks like thunderstorms in both locations? Thanks so much!!
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    6/24 PVD-MCO SW545 8:35 am

    Any insight would be appreciated!! I've been watching the forecast and it appears we're getting thunderstorms when I'm departing. :eek: Thanks so much!
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    3/18 BOS-CVG DAL5963 6:00am & 3/18 CVG - BOS DAL5964 5:00pm

    Hi there! I am making a day trip to Cincinnati on a Delta Shuttle and it's an Embraer 175. So far it appears all the heavy rain and wind should be overwith by then but it still doesn't make me feel any better to be in anything smaller than a 737. Any feedback you can provide will be incredibly...
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    2/13 cur-mia aa1934 3:35pm & 2/13 mia-bos aa696 7:30pm

    Hi there!! Hoping you can shed some light on how my return flights will be on Saturday. Your predictions for my flights to Curacao were spot on!! :D I have limited email access here but will check back as Saturday gets closer. Thanks again!!!
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    2/6 bos-mia aa527 11:10am & 2/6 mia-cur aa939 4:45pm

    Hi! Any insight you can offer would be much appreciated. It's taking everything I have not to chicken out of going on this vacation altogether so I'm praying that I don't fly into any thunderstorms in Miami for my layover. Thanks so much!!!
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    Are the skies calmer at night over the U.S.?

    Based on the PIREPS map, lately it seems that the skies are very calm over the U.S. at night and any turbulence that is reported is mostly during the day. That being said, can you get a much smoother ride if you fly at night? Just curious.
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    Boston to Curacao in mid February?

    I'm going to see a hypnotist soon for my fear of flying but in the meantime I'm hoping for a little feedback. My husband wants to book a trip to Curacao in February. Most likely we'll be taking a Delta flight to Atlanta and then going straight to Curacao, each way on a Boeing 757. I'm nervous...