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    7/29 3:35p PUJ-ORD UA1664

    Hopefully the return flight will be as good as the trip down. As always, I sure appreciate the forecasts.
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    7/22 0855 ORD-PUJ UA679

    That forecast was very good. The bumpy stuff was a little more southeast but we took off about 30+ minutes late so that kind of makes sense, maybe. Thanks again. I'll post tomorrow about the return flight.
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    7/22 0855 ORD-PUJ UA679

    Here's hoping for a smooth flight to the Caribbean. We always appreciate your forecasts, which are often right on the money. Thanks.
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    7/15 11:05a CUN-DFW-MSN AA2272 AA390

    Right on the money on this one. Hopefully the second leg won't be as bumpy as your forecast, but I absolutely appreciate the forecast either way.
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    7/15 11:05a CUN-DFW-MSN AA2272 AA390

    This flight is a bit broken up with an almost 5 hour layover in Dallas. So, the flights are more like 11:05a to 2:00p and 6:44p to 9:04p. I'd appreciate any forecast you could provide. Your prediction for the flights down were pretty well spot on, maybe a bit more mild than predicted, but...
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    7/8 7:00am MSN-DFW-CUN AA2884 AA1328

    Thanks for any insight you can provide on this one. Your forecasts are always helpful and are usually right on the money. Thanks again, J
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    11/18 5:43p SAT-DTW-MSN DAL3710 DAL2156

    Thanks for any help you can provide on our return trip. Your forecast was very helpful for the ride down.
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    11/14 6:25a MSN-MSP-SAT DAL1386 DAL3592

    Thanks for any forecast you can provide. We all appreciate your efforts.
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    11/20 4:35pm MSY-ATL-MSN DL1220 DL2889

    Here's hoping for a great forecast for the return trip. Your forecast on the way here was pretty much on target. Thanks!
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    11/15 4:50pm MSN-DTW-MSY DL517 DL4966

    Thanks in advance for the forecast on this one. I don't make many requests, but you've always done a great job answering them and I appreciate it.
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    4/29 10:10am LAX-MKE SWA1347

    I'm wondering how it looks for the return trip to Milwaukee. Thanks for any forecast you can provide.
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    4/22 3:10pm MKE-LAX SWA3259

    We'll be taking this trip with one nervous young flier, so it'd be helpful to know what's expected. As always, thanks in advance!
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    11/11 5:40p MSY-DTW-MSN DL2385 DL870

    I'm hoping for a forecast for the trip back north. Thank you!
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    11/7 8:20a MSN-DTW-MSY DL1193 DL1190

    Thanks for any insight you can provide! I always appreciate the help.
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    1/20 LAX-STL-MKE WN2238/WN164 1:40p-10:05p

    Thanks for the return flight forecast! n9lea
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    1/14 6:55am MKE-LAS-LAX WN1964-WN4321

    I know I'm a few hours early to post. Sorry about that and thanks for the forecast!
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    3/25 0825 mke-lga swa1727

    Thanks for the forecast!
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    11/11 5:28p MSY-DTW-MSN DL314 DL2022

    Thanks for any help on my return.
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    11/7 1158a MSN-DTW-MSY DL5772 DL2385

    Thank you very much for any forecasts!
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    8/26 4:15p ELP-DFW-MSN AA1582 AA3376

    And the return flight... Thanks again!