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    11/1 fll-sju jbu1553 etd1645

    Heading to the land of Bacardi for a quick conference this weekend on surprisingly my first JetBlue flight. Looks like the jet is whipping up a bit this week down here. Guessing it could get a little choppy. On another note, I had total electrical failure the other day in the Seminole...
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    10/18 fll-atl-msy trs123/589 etd0615

    It's a heck of a place for a conference indeed. Great flights in both directions. Due to the...lack of sleep...the smooth return was appreciated! Thank you
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    10/18 fll-atl-msy trs123/589 etd0615

    Heading back to the Big Easy for a conference this weekend. Terrible place to have to go. :tongue: First flight on Airtran, so hoping for a nice ride. Thank you!
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    9/20 rdu-clt-fll awe1835/1723 etd 1610

    Back to Florida after a week of beautiful weather here in NC. Hoping for a relaxing, short trip home. Thanks!
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    9/17 fll-atl-rdu dl709/1294 etd0545

    Well, looks like I'm being sent up to NC for the rest of the week. Short flights by comparison to last trip, but hoping for smooth as always. :D Thank you!
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    9/14 dub-jfk-fll dl91/2280 etd1155 utc

    Sadly heading back after a great vacation over here in Spain and Ireland. I definitely recommend the two. Hoping for a decent flight back to rest after running around the last nine days. Thank you!
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    9/5 fll-jfk-mad dl1633/126 etd1430/1938

    Hope you have been well! I've been up a few times lately, but mostly DTW and back to FLL. Heading to Madrid tomorrow. Actually my first trans-atlantic so I'm looking forward to the experience. Booked the economy comfort on the 767 due to using miles so no upgrade possibility. :( Hoping for...
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    3/3 bwi-fll dl1955/1427 etd2015

    Looking for a repeat of the way up. It's cold up here! How quickly my Michigan blood has thinned. Lol. Thanks!
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    3/1 fll-bwi dl1527/1924 etd 1900

    Good morning! I hope all is well. Heading up to the capitol for the weekend. Looks like a strong jet stream coming across, but hopefully it will just affect a small portion of the flight. Weather in the area looks good so far. Thank you!
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    1/1 dtw-fll dal505 etd1745

    Heading back to Florida after a great trip to the cold. Hoping it won't be any worse than the one up so I can get some sleep. :tongue: BTW, Have a Happy New Year and thank you for all the forecasts this season!
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    12/28 fll-atl-dtw dl1527/1290 etd1845

    Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great holiday. Heading up to the cold to see the family. Tis the season for the jet stream! Seems like it is hanging out a little lower though. What are you thinking? Thanks!
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    11/25 dl1229 atl-pbi 2202 etd

    Heading back to Florida after a nice weekend in ATL. I know I'm late, so... Looks like maybe some like due to the jet for the middle part from what I see. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.
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    11/22 dl697 pbi-atl 1230pm

    Heading to ATL for the holiday. Looks pretty mellow up at cruise from what I see. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
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    10/26 fll-dtw dl1704 550pm

    Looking interesting with Sandy and the jet. Not sure if we will fly or not.
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    10/14 dca-fll us1947 605pm

    Beautiful weather up here, but I have to head back tomorrow night. Looks like the jet is off to the side, but maybe a bit of a.headwind. What do you think?
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    10/12 fll-dtw-dca dl1704/1944 etd 550pm

    Heading back up to our nations capital for a quick weekend getaway. I heard it's a bit brisk up there! Tried my hand at flying a helicopter the other day. A bit different than flying a plane, but fun regardless. I may continue and get that license, but man is it expensive! Thank you.
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    9/14 DL1626/552 FLL-ATL-MSY 545pm

    Back in the air and off to the big easy. Never been there before but it sounded like a fun trip to make. I plan to gain a few pounds while I'm there. Ever been? Flight looks ok so far...barring the usual afternoon weather. Thanks!
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    9/3 dca-atl-fll dl221/1527

    Heading back to south Florida after a nice weekend...except for catching a cold. Looks pretty decent so far.
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    8/31 FLL-DTW-DCA DL1704/1944 545pm ETD

    Couple bumps descending into Detroit as you predicted, but overall very nice. Had a great view of the full blue moon (bad camera phone pics, but yes that is the moon) and the visual along the river into DCA. Gotta like that!
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    8/31 FLL-DTW-DCA DL1704/1944 545pm ETD

    Heading to DC for the holiday weekend. Looks like the storm should stay far enough west not to be an issue, and I avoided the connection in ATL...this leg. Thanks!