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    JFK CDG in airbus -- shakier than I thought!

    Last night (18 May) I flew JFK-CDG on AF 007. It turned out to be the airbus A380, which I'd only flown once before on LH from FRA to JFK. There was a fair amount of turbulence flying off and on between New York and Nova Scotia, and then again over the ocean...pretty much where the maps on this...
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    3/19 jnb-jfk sa 203 8:40pm

    This is a long flight, wondering how it will be for sleeping. Thanks for any advice!
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    3/5 jfk=cdg af09 11:20 pm

    Well, it looks pretty bumpy tonight...wonder if tomorrow will be better? fingers crossed.
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    Beautiful -- and smooth -- ride EWR to PTY

    So in the spirit of posting when flying is great, here goes: Sunday 21 August, morning flight from EWR to Panama City. I got a complimentary upgrade and so was in a window seat, which normally I don't take as I like to be able to get up. First good omen was my seatmate liked to get up giving me...
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    jfk to cdg 4 May 2010

    This was a 777 aircraft. In his greeting the pilot said in French there would be medium turbulence but in English, moderate to severe, about 3 hours out. He even said they would try to get the service finished before then. True to his word, somewhere over St. Pierre south of Newfoundland, the...