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    9/18 United 964 ORD-RIC 6pm

    Returning home from the work trip. The flight up was bumpy but tolerable. Hoping for better on the way back. Thanks!!
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    10/15 7:30am United 1519 RIC-ORD

    Sorry for the late post, thought the weather was a non issue, then looked at the jet forecast and got worried.
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    6/29 ORD-RIC 6:00pm UA964

    Going home!
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    6/27 RIC-ORD 7:50am UA1518

    Going to be a busy month, 1st of three trips to ORD for the next 30 days for work :/ Thanks in advance!
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    5/10 6pm ORD-RIC UA 964

    On the way home!
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    5/7 7am RIC to ORD United 1924

    Sorry it's late, I forgot to post it earlier. Coming off a stressful week to attend a training for my new job. Hoping it's a smooth 2 hours. THANKS!
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    3/1 10am BOS-RIC JBU1081

    Quick flight, I was supposed to leave Friday but the weather caused me to decide to leave a day early. Hope it looks better for tommorrow's flight. Thanks in advance!
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    10/27 AA1757 CLT-EWR 2:35pm

    Last minute post, flight up through a front was rough. Hoping for a smoother flight tomorrow. Jet leaving the area but not sure if I will be late enough to miss it. Thanks so much for what you do!
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    4/15 2:25pm BOS-CLT AA1722

    Rain the forecast for the landing time. Haven't landed in weather in a while and forgot how it is. On another subject, I looked on flight aware for this same flight today (Sunday) and noticed something weird happened. Did the plane really drop about 10,000 feet about 10 mins after takeoff? I...
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    Boston to Charlotte AA1714 7:45am

    Moved my flight earlier to try to time it after the jet but before the Irma effects. Let me know what you think, not sure if it helped. :confused:
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    Irma's effect on close airports that remain open

    Good afternoon, I have been a ball of nerves because I am required to fly out to Charlotte NC on Monday afternoon for a work trip. I have been trying to switch my flight to tomorrow to no avail. Very expensive swap because the airline has only declared two of the other airports in NC as a...
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    7/15 8:30am BOS to MSY Jetblue 401

    Thanks in advance.
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    7/26 7am BOS to IND SW#591

    Looks good to me but looking for the expert opinion. More worried about coming back on Thursday with weather.
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    5/20 3pm BOS-MSY JetBlue 1101

    I know it's a little early but I may not be back to the computer till after the deadline. With the jet and weather I am not sure what to expect however, the weather forecast in NOLA has been improving daily, since I started worrying about it 3 days ago.;)
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    5/10 MSY-EWR-BOS United 2007/1248

    I am posting a little late so I hope this gets a reply;) Trip 1 of 2 under my belt. Now back "home" to Boston. So much weather and jet interference would like to know what you think. The last forecast was on the $ and really prepared me for the flight.
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    5/4 1:55pm BOS-BWI-MSY SWA 2418/60

    1st of two trips back to secure things for my big move to Boston. So much weather so not quite sure..........
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    Incident yesterday on Southwest Chicago to Boston

    I can't seem to put together the history to try to determine what happened last night right before 9:30 on the Southwest flight from Chicago that caused the plane to be diverted to Buffalo. Any thoughts?
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    4/14 12:35pm MSY-BOS JBU 400

    One Way ticket to begin my life in Boston. Hope it gets off to a smooth start :)
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    2/24 11:20AM PDX-ORD-RIC United 1234/20

    Heading cross country to move my sister. 1st time traveling with small children so hoping for the best! Winter weather has been unpredictable this year.
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    2/20 6:45AM MSY-HOU-PDX United 1487/389

    Last flight into Portland for a while. I am more nervous this time around, think it's the weather/jet combo. Thanks in advance for the forecast. AND thanks for this site, it is GREAT info!