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    5/5, 5:40pm ; KCMH - KLAS; SWA151

    Good day to you. Much appreciated
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    12/26 10:01pm, LAX-CMH, DAL2153, Boeing 737-800

    Red eye flight. Thanks Pretty good right coming out, just small pockets of bumps over the Rockies. Thanks.
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    12/22 6:19am, CMH - LAX, DAL1327, Boeing 737-800

    How does it look? Hopefully they can find a good altitude, jet stream. Happy Holidays
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    6/12 10:09am LAX - CMH DAL1170

    Boeing 737-800
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    6-4 / dal1327 / kcmh-klax / etd 0709l

    Ride: Boeing 737-800 A little early, but before I forget. Thanks.
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    3/31, WN 3873, MCO-CMH, 1215p

    Limited on my resources to review. How does the routing look? Thanks
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    8/24 swa1434 kbna-ktpa, 0850

    Not sure if we were supposed to split them.
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    8/24. SWA755 KCMH - KBNA 0805am

    Not near my Dx tools. Thank you
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    6/29 KDCA - KCMH US3493 Depart 1025a

    E170. Thank you
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    6/26 CMH-DCA US3261 Departing 0720AM

    E-175 Thanks in advance
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    Severe Turbulence / Midwest USA 1/16/13

    Look at all these severe pireps tonight in the Midwest. Anybody flying today? Looks like there is no smooth air from Wisconsin as far south as Wisconsin.
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    8/9 - SWA Flt 500 / LGA-BWI-CMH / 1100am - 220pm

    Sitting in a hotel, dont have my usual resources. How's it looking?
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    08/05 - SWA 1774 / 61, CMH-BWI-LGA.. 0600am

    Hello, What do you think? I see tstorms in the forecast for Sunday but hoping they are isolated. Maybe the early AM flight will help. Thanks I have been away for while. :-/
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    3/14 1300l ua996 / ua 728 lax-den-cmh

    Return trip / looking fwd to Boeing 777 LAX-DEN Thanks for the feedback. :)
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    03/07 United #409 / #227 CMH-DEN-LAX / 0747am

    Re-route? Thank you for your feedback. :)
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    2/25 - Moderate to Severe Turbulence in Northeast all day

    For those that do not like bumps, today is going to be day to rebook if it bothers you to the extreme. Tonight we had surface to 12,000 of Moderate to Occasional Severe turbulence and low level wind shear being reported from BOS as far west as PIT and south as CLT. Spoke to some pilots...
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    3/22 lax-ord ual942 10:55am

    Thank you - Looks like their has been some Mountain Wave turb over the Rockies the past few days at all altitudes?
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    8/4, lax-ord , ual146, 12:45 ; ord-cmh, ual334, 19:43

    Possible routing of flight......Hope Channel 9 is on again! OSHNN3 DAG PGS J64 RSK J110 GCK IRK BDF5 (LAX-ORD) Thanks
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    7/30 ORD-LAX UAL611 1:12pm

    B-763 Type. Hope Channel 9 is turned on. Thanks for the forecast!
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    7/30 CMH-ORD UAL169 10:54am

    Great site, Thank you