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    14-Feb, 9:50AM, AA489, PHX - PIT

    Last minute trip!
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    13-Jan, 10:35AM, PIT to PHX, AA638

    First flight of the new year - finished up last year 55!
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    22-Dec: 7AM, DEN--PHL, AA1699; 1;25PM, PHL--PIT, AA1903

    For DEN--PHL, I was expecting a bit of a smooth ride - and there were segments that it was - but a decent amount of chop for the balance of the flight and was a bit surprised by that... For PHL--PIT, the pilot announced prior to takeoff that the seatbelt sign would ON the entire flight and that...
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    13-Dec: 10:10AM, LHR - DFW, AA51

    Yes, this flight for me occurred yesterday! With all of issues at Heathrow (snow, no enough support crew, and several de-icing machines being out of commission) coupled with my changing schedules end, this was my third attempt at getting out of Heathrow! That being said: A bit of mild chop over...
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    12-Dec: 2:45PM, LHR - JFK, AA105

    Trying this again - code share issue between BA & AA and the snow reeking havoc with the flight crews in London - has put me on this new flight on Tuesday... FWIW, the flight today (AA101) appears to have taken a southern route across the pond.
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    11-Dec, 10:15AM, LHR - JFK, AA101

    Tell me that the forecast is not looking as rough as the maps indicate... Last week on Thurs, 30-Nov, PHX--LHR was a nice smooth ride with the exception of the some light bumps near Denver and then further along near Greenland.
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    Nice feature add to the iPhone app!

    With the very active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season underway, thanks for the Maps add to the iPhone app of the various hurricane paths. Quality app continues to add additional quality features!
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    6-Sept: DL 302 from SJU to JFK (landed 4:22PM EDT)

    I'm guessing that would have been an interesting flight - climbing out of San Juan while at the same time following the curved bands of Irma!
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    Not the usual post...

    I have to fly to LHR from PHX - have a choice either to layover for several hours in DFW or JFK - any opinions on which is the better airport? I'm leaning towards the layover in JFK since it breaks up the trip into more evenly matched segments. Apologies in advance on posting in this forum!
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    23-Jun 4:45PM, BA167 - LHR to TLV

    First time flying international First Class on British Airways...
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    21-Jun 7:40PM, BA288 - PHX to LHR

    Another trip on the B747-400!
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    Curious about the PIREP's map...

    I am aware that the data is reported from various aircrews and am aware that the pilots discuss, among other things, the turbulence in their general flight area. But does the PIREP map get populated by a voluntary reporting or does ATC take a random sampling based on the chatter that is...
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    21-Dec: 6:10AM, AA691, PHX-->CLT; 1:10PM, AA1842, CLT-->PIT

    Last two flights of 2016... Thanks in advance!
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    2-Dec: 3:35PM, PDX-->PHX, AA 1355

    Afternoon meeting cancelled so I'm departing PDX Fri afternoon as opposed to Sat morning - understand if posted too late for a response... Thanks in advance!
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    5-Nov: 8:20AM LHR - JFK British Airways 0117

    As always, thanks in advance!
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    21-Oct: 7:30PM PHX - LHR British Airways 0288

    Appreciate any input - always looking forward to flying a B747 in Business Class on British Airways...
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    21-Oct: 7:30PM PHX -

    4/15 3pm FNT-DTW-MCO NWA2102 NWA228