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    7/26 8:20pm SFO-BCN IB2622

    Sorry about the late post. You have always been right on the money. Hoping it's good. Thanks in advance!
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    2/25 16:10 pst sfo-lhr ba 284

    Not sure what's in store with all the stormy weather in the UK and the jet stream. Hope you can get to it before take off. Thanks!
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    1/27 13:01 pst sjc-iah ua 1851

    This might be a little late for you. No worries if you can't get to it. Thanks in Advance.
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    12/22 8:45am DXB - SFO EK225

    The onward forecast was spot on. Hoping for the same on the return. Note this is departing 8:45am Dubai time on the 22nd. Thanks in Advance!
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    12/7 16:15 pst sfo - dxb ek226

    Emirates seems to have had a bad year with multiple severe turbulence related incidents. Hope this one fares well. Thanks in Advance!
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    1/27 6:50pm PST SJC-LHR BA 278

    Thanks in Advance!!
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    12/29 1:20am GMT SIN-SFO SQ32

    Happy Holidays! Seeing some wavy jet streams again around flight time. Hope its not awful! Thanks in Advance!
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    11/29 9:30am PST SFO-SIN SQ31

    You might not be able to get to this until they post the actual flight path. Hoping for something before the actual flight. The pacific has somehow always been consistently turbulent for me. Over the past few years, flights over Greenland and the polar route have been "Oh, the seatbelt sign did...
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    6/4 7:00am PST SJC-OGG HA 45

    Thanks in Advance.
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    6/1 11:15am GMT LHR-SFO VS 19

    Thanks in Advance!
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    3/22 12:10pm GMT LHR-SFO VS 19

    Thanks for the earlier report, it was perfectly accurate. A bit late again. Hoping you can get to this in time.
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    3/14 9:00pm PST SFO-LHR VS 42

    A bit late. Hopefully you can get to it your morning
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    2/9 14:50 gmt lhr-sfo vs 41

    The flight back home. Thanks in Advance!
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    2/8 8:55pm GMT BOM-LHR VS8020

    A bit short notice, sorry. Thanks in Advance
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    1/20 15:55 GMT LHR-BOM Jet Airways 9W 115

    Hi, this is an onwards but separate flight from my earlier post. Once again, Thanks!!
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    1/19 5:45pm SFO-LHR VS20

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    2/6 9am (DUBAI TIME) EK 225 DXB to SFO

    Thanks in Advance
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    1/9 9am PST SEA-DXB EK 228

    Sorry for the late notice. Thanks in Advance!!
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    1/9 9am PST SEA-DXB EK 228

    Very sorry for the late notice. Thanks in Advance!!
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    11/05/2015 20:00 pm HKG-BOM Cathay Pacific CX 663

    This is my next flight. Hope I will get some reprieve after a possibly bad SFO-HKG one. The 8:00 pm is Hong Kong time. Thanks!