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    BWI-BWI WN0 12:33am

    Hi Tbneg, I took my last flight ORD-RSW at the end of February; those $29-$39 airfares were amazing. Now I have to go back for "essential business" and wondering if you're around to give me a forecast. AA2211 tomorrow 5/18 at 8:45am (there's only one packed non-stop a day ORD-RSW on AA these...
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    SW1328 RSW-MKE 11:50am

    Hi TB neg 3/15, SW 1328, RSW-MKE, 11:50am Lots of turbs yesterday from DTW-RSW, hoping for a smoother ride tomorrow. What do you see? Thanks very much!
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    8/7 ua 1464 ord-jac 12:22pm

    Hi TB Off to the mountains tomorrow! How does it look? Thanks
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    4/5 SW2305. RSW-MDW 11:30-1:30pm

    I think that things look better than they did on the outbound flight, but it is the season for unexpected surprises up there! What do you think? Thanks!
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    3/29 AA1025 ORD-RSW noon-4pm

    Hi TB, last minute trip before hurricane season gets rolling. I hope you see this in time to give me a preview of things to come tomorrow! Thanks
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    3/14 AA1477 RSW-ORD 12:00-2pm

    Hi TB, I'm doing my reverse spring break trip, have to go to Chicago to enjoy St.Patty's in the rain....and I didn't even get to see the river turn green. What do you predict for this ride?
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    2/16 AA1025 ORD-RSW 12:09-3pm

    Hi Tb, Please check this one for me. Your last forecast was absolutely right on and I had a smooth flight; I'm hoping for the same good news on this one. Those Pireps look bad today around ORD even though we have no weather down here on the ground today. Thanks!
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    2/3 AA1477 RSW-ORD 12:05-2:19pm

    Heading back north again, hoping not to encounter the storms in the SE. What do you think of this flight? Thanks very much
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    1/23/16 AA1025 ORD-RSW 12:09-4pm

    The weather forecast predicts very high winds around RSW, so I'm wondering about the landing as well as the rest of the flight. Luckily I think I'm going to miss the big storm that's about to hit the east coast. Thanks for the forecast!
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    9/25 ORD-RSW AA14778 8:54am-12:51pm

    Hi TB, I'm back on my regular winter route since hurricane season will be over soon. Too much rain and humidity in Florida this summer! Could you take a look at this flight for me? As usually happens, that turbulence chart loves to show up red and purple in my flight path! Please and thanks.
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    9/9 AA1477 1:45-3:54pm RSW-ORD

    Stormy weather up there today. Will it improve by tomorrow afternoon? Thanks in advance for the forecast!
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    3/31 DFW-RSW Spirit 448 8:19-11:40am

    I hope I'm not too late for a forecast for this flight tomorrow! Hope it looks ok. Thanks!
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    3/26 UA771 ORD-DFW 6:35am

    Going to a wedding in Dallas, but it looks like a storm is pushing through the midwest. Also see some purple on the way out of ORD. Could you give me an idea of what to expect? I know it's spring weather but hoping for the best. Thanks!
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    How fast does turbulence change?

    This is an interesting situation and I'd like to try to figure it out but it's above my pay grade. On March 4, since we could not get flights together, two of us took separate flights from Florida to Chicago as follows: AA2317 RSW-ORD, departed late by almost 2 hours at 1:45pm. AA1476...
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    2/21 AA1252 ORD-RSW 1:55pm

    Looks like a big storm with high winds is moving across the central US. How bad do you think it will be? Thanks!
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    4/30 SW2773 MDW-RSW 7:15-11pm

    The maps look pretty colorful today, I'm hoping that things will settle down by tomorrow night. Jet stream is dipping and tornadoes moving east. I flew a similar route into RSW last Saturday and it was as smooth as your prediction, but I think my luck might have run out. Could you give me your...
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    4/24 AA1418 ORD-RSW 12:45-4:35pm

    Hoping for a smooth ride on a quick trip south. Thanks in advance!
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    3/17 AA1465 ORD-RSW 1:05pm

    Hope this one looks good! Can't wait to get out of the snow and rain. Thanks in advance for the forecast.
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    What happened to the Air Force Turbulence Forecast?

    Those maps were so helpful since they went out 48 hours. Are they available elsewhere or totally discontinued? Are you going to substitute something else? Thanks!
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    2/10 AA560 ORD-RSW 1:20pm

    Getting out of the snow, can't wait. Hoping it won't be too bumpy tomorrow. What do you see? Thanks!