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    10/26 11pm EWR-TLV

    Hi, haven't flown in a bit but making up for lost time with this trek! I know these a little harder to forecast, but best guess? thanks!
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    5/25 8:30 pm TEB-OPF Falcon 50

    The weather around NJ/NY has me scared. What say you, tb_neg? Thank you, as always!
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    4/12 6:00am EWR-DTW DL1481

    Hi, I always have a hard time doing this on my phone. In case it did not show up properly from Newark to Detroit Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.? Thank you as always!
  4. J

    4/12/17 6;00 am EWR-DTW Delta1481

    Hi I always have a hard time doing this on my phone so in case it isn't clear, can you please tell me how it looks for a 6 a.m. flight from Newark to Detroit tomorrow? Thank you!
  5. J

    1/27 7am EWR-FLL UA1290

    Heading to Florida for the Miami Marathon. Where will I be more miserable -- running or flying? Thank you as always!!
  6. J

    12/22 8:40pm EWR-MIA UA1537

    Holiday Greetings! How's it looking for a smooth start to winter break? Wishing you and all your readers a Merry, Turbulence-free Christmas! Thank you :)
  7. J

    11/27 MIA-JFK AA2493 7 am.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! How does my return look? Great flight coming down. I hope I don't have to pay for it now!
  8. J

    11/23 JFK-MIA AA2230 6 a.m.

    Good evening! Joining the masses at the airport tomorrow. How does it look --. American flight 2230 from JFK to Miami. Hoping that arriving and surviving JFK will be the worst of it :) Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving jitteryjen!
  9. J

    10/04 6pm OPF-TEB

    Hi, how's it look for a trip up up the East Coast pre-hurricane? Trip out was smoother than expected after all that worry. Hoping to get lucky again. Thanks!
  10. J

    09/08 7:30am EWR-SFO UA454

    Been a while! How friendly are the cross country skies tomorrow? Thank you!
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    7/13 2:30pm EWR-FLL UA1790

    Hi ... how's it look going from the frying pan into the fryer?
  12. J

    3/19 8:30pm JFK-SLC DL495

    Please find some good news here, tb_neg! I've been torturing myself with the PIREPS all week along what I think the flight route will be. Doesn't look good especially tonight as I type this! Just saw a red "extreme" triangle in Colorado. Getting worse? Better? Still 24 hours away so maybe...
  13. J

    2/29 7pm MSY-EWR UA1195

    Hi just ran a bumpy marathon through the streets of New Orleans. Hoping for a smooth road home! Thanks as always.
  14. J

    2/25 6:30am EWR-MSY UN1143

    I'm glad I wasn't making this flight yesterday when a tornado touched down near the airport! How does it look for tomorrow? Thanks, y'all.
  15. J

    2/17 OPF-TEB 6am

    hey there ... flight today was canceled. hoping it was a blessing in disguise. how does it look bright and early tomorrow?
  16. J

    01/25 6:00pm FLL-EWR JetBlue0006

    Hoping for an easier return, tb_neg. Pretty bumpy getting here! Thank you!
  17. J

    01/21 9:50pm EWR-FLL JetBlue705

    Headed to Miami to run a marathon and just changed my flight in hopes of out-running the bad weather. How's it look? Thank you!
  18. J

    12/22 6pm TEB-OPF

    Hi there! Happy Holidays, tb_neg, to you and all your readers! Hoping to start vacay off right with a smooth flight, though traveling down the east coast to Florida is rarely easy this time of year. How's it look? Thank you as always!
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    11/29 6 pm MIA-EWR UA1697

    The outbound was pretty smooth except for a bumpy landing! How's the return look? Thank you.
  20. J

    11/25 6:15pm EWR-MIA UAL1923

    Hi, Wondering whether I will be "thankful" for tomorrow's flight. What do you think? Happy Thanksgiving, tb_neg, wishing you and all your followers a great holiday!