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    3/3 13:00 ORD to SEA

    Chicago to Seattle. Might take a later flight (say at 16:00), but this is what I have scheduled.
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    5/14 9:30am; ORD to LAS

    Headed from Chicago to Las Vegas (business trip, sadly)...
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    2/25 ORD-LAX AA1247, Take-off Saturday at Noon...

    Hoping the muck will essentially be cleared in the Rockies... :)
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    ord-abq, 1/17, wheels up at 1130am

    Southwest, 737-700 (painted in Sea World colors). Snow flurries in Midway. After the de-icing procedures, we waited for another 15 minutes for some Navy planes (two F/A-18 E/F and one T-45 to take-off. Roll out was smooth, and we headed west. Very uneventful flight, getting to altitude...
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    10/28, ORD to LGA, wheels up at 10am Chicago time

    Seems pretty windy, perhaps only the take-off will be a bit rough?
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    lax - ord, may 20th, wheels up @10am

    headed east on american airlines, in seat 4F on the 767-300. sold out flight. first class seats were awesome as you can go almost horizontal. thursday morning in LA, some scattered clouds about. took off the usual way to the west and the climb was very uneventful and free of any crazy or...
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    8/27 SEA to ORD, Wheels up at 0600

    Headed back east, hoping for the best!
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    August 4: ORD to LAX, wheels-up at Noon

    Headed west, hoping for the best!
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    June 15 - LAX to SEA, wheels up at Noon...

    Headed north, hoping for the best...
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    Air France

    This is very bad and sad news. Hard to understand - this was a fairly new aircraft. With all the technology and weather radar, I wonder why this happended? Wonder if the composite structure of the A330-200 contributed to the causes. We will probably never know. In summary, this was sad, I...
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    5/31 LAX to ORD, wheels-up at 230pm

    Got tired of flying United and all the delays they have on the 757's due to their age and mechanical issues. So, I flew on American Airlines - they now have two flights per day from LAX to ORD that use new 737-800's. Arrived at LAX, and the new plane looked great. Flew first class as usual...
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    4/29 ORD to LAX, wheels-up at 0900, UAL

    Headed west, hoping for the best!
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    3/16 LAX to SEA; wheels-up at 2pm...

    Headed north!
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    2/18 - LAX to ORD; Wheels-up at 1pm

    Headed north again on a United 757-200...
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    12/24 LAX to ORD, Wheels up at 11am

    Headed North, hoping for the best!
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    Dulles to LAX, 12/17, wheels up at 1230pm

    Headed west, hoping for the best.
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    Chicago to Dulles, 12/16, wheels-up at 1pm

    Headed east, hoping for the best!
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    Long Beach CA to Chicago, 12/13, Wheels up at 1030am

    Headed north-east; hoping for the best.
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    SEA to BUR, 12/9; wheels-up at 11:40am

    Headed south, hoping for the best. :)
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    12/7: BUR to SEA, wheels up at 700pm

    Headed north, hoping for the best.