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    LGW to MCO - 10/6, depart 11:00am

    I once again have a transatlantic flight from London to Orlando on a BA 777 this coming Monday morning. It's 2 days away and I'm already tense, LOL. Do you have any relaxing news? :)
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    Wed Jan 30 - MCO to LGW

    Hello! I am a VERY nervous flyer (scared to death in turbulence) and usually I am pathetic enough to switch around flights just to try to avoid flying on a day there is bad weather. Tomorrow evening I have a BA flight from Orlando to London Gatwick (leaving around 6:30pm and flying overnight)...
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    European Adventure

    Hello! I just saw the previous thread from a few months ago and noticed that nobody had ever responded to it. I figured I'd start it out. :) (Better late than never I suppose)... My name is John and I live in Orlando, Florida. I've spent the better part of the past couple years traveling...