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    Newark to Punta Cana & Back - Continental

    June 16th - 8:00am - for the most part the flight was smooth. A short period of mild turbulence occured about 2 hours into the flight. 5 to 10 minutes prior to landing in Punta Cana, an announcement was made in the airplane that our plane was not on the radar in the Punta Cana airport...
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    6/16 - EWR to PUJ - CO878

    8:00am - flight Continental Airlines to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Is it too early in the week to predict how the flying forecast will be ? Thanks for any info on this folks ! :-)
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    Near Misses ?

    This morning on the news, I heard that there were seven " near misses " in the area airports this year. Just five alone in the month of May! What's going on? Aren't air traffic controllers paying attention? Can anyone explain this?
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    August 10th - NJ / NY to San Diego, CA

    Greetings everyone - certified white knuckle flyer here. Anyone know the turbulence report for Thursday, August 10th - NJ to San Diego - early morning flight. (Continental Airlines) EWR to San Diego 8:50am - departing Continental Airlines Many, many thanks for your help & understanding !