08/03 07:00am bos-ind-tpa swa 591 & 2490


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Good evening, flying out to Tampa this week from Boston with a connection in Indianapolis. My girlfriend is coming along and this is her first time. Was hoping to get a forecast to put her at ease. She's worried about thunderstorms in the Indy and Tampa areas. Thanks so much!

SWA 591 BOS-IND Dep: 07:00AM ARR: 09:30am

SWA 2490 IND-TPA Dep: 12:25pm ARR: 02:35pm.


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Both of your flights should be pretty uneventful, some light bumps as you go through the weather hanging around the last hour or so. Indy doesn't have any t-storms scheduled, just TPA. I think you will likely be ok.


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Flight from Boston to Indy was smooth. Taking off from Indy wasn't terribly turbulent, but a lot of drops and stuff on takeoff for about the first 5 minutes. Landing in Tampa, we dodged some thunderstorms so we circled and then came in from the south. Wasn't terribly bumpy.