1/9/2016 dtw-mco


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Recently flew on a flight from DTW-MCO on 1/9/2016. I don't want to name the airline but it was an early morning flight (and it wasn't Delta). Boarded, captain came on and said he was expecting a smooth flight. I hate to say it, but I knew better.

Sadly, I was proven correct as starting hitting some light to moderate maybe 15 minutes into the flight. I knew we were in for it when they started taking drink orders and then I saw the flight attendants sit down suddenly.

The seatbelt light went on and off several times as we made our way down south. Another patch of mostly light with a touch of moderate.

Nearer to Orlando, the flight attendants came on to say to "please buckle up", and tightly at that, and also to hold on. They also said to hold on tight to any lap children. It was mostly light with some occasional moderate.

Had to circle a few times because of fog over Orlando, and also had a go around on landing due to a plane still on the runway.





You may not believe me, but I was most disappointed that they thought they were going to have a smooth flight. Pilot was a pro though.