10/16 8:05AM PIT-ATL-MCO DL2047 DL1998


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Back to the air again. This time a quick trip to Orlando for 2 nights. Its still 12+ hours away from takeoff, but the maps are not looking promising for the first leg. Any forecast appreciated as always! Thanks.


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Hi, this is for DAL2047 08:05 09:44 PIT ATL

At PIT, rainy, cloudy, otherwise ok, lightly bumpy takeoff, light to moderate on climb out, remains light to moderate, but I think it smooths out fairly quickly, you're on the edge of rough air and smooth air, but I think you'll be on the smoother side.

Descent starts ok, but light to moderate on the second half, as well as landing, winds up to 29mph.

DL1998 11:05 12:31 ATL MCO

At ATL, light to moderate on takeoff and early climb out, lightly bumpy second half of climb, flight itself is lightly bumpy to smooth. A bit of light on descent, landing looks good, good weather at MCO.


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Morning. Spot on forecast! Bumpy out of Pittsburgh till we were thru cloud layer around 23,000 then it immediately smoothes out for the rest of the flight to ATL. So were on the good side of that rough air to our west. And from ATL to MCO it was as smooth as it gets. It was a fun ride on a Delta 767-300ER which we won't be seeing around much longer with their retirement in the works. Such strange flying times! Thanks again!