10/29 7:29AM PIT-PHL-MCO AA2057 AA618


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Looks like I'm the only one flying here. :oops: I really hope we see an uptick in posts soon! It's so tough seeing the industry just flatlined like this. I know you've said this is a hobby....is your every day job in the airline industry??

Heading to Orlando again, and yet another hurricane or tropical storm between Pennsylvania and Florida! Thanks for the forecast, it's always appreciated.


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Hi, my day job is in IT in Higher Education. Not too many people are flying, alas.

AAL2057 PIT-PHL 07:29 08:40

At PIT, light rain, lightly bumpy takeoff, lightly bumpy flight over. Lightly bumpy descent into PHL, heavy rain, lightly bumpy landing.

AA616 PHL-MCO 16:49 18:39

Light shower rain, cloudy, lightly bumpy takeoff, moderately bumpy climb. Moderately bumpy at first, settles down to lightly bumpy south of South Carolina.

Lightly bumpy to smooth remainder. Lightly bumpy descent into MCO, landing ok.


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Pretty smooth PIT to PHL, as you said light bumps on takeoff and landing. Also good call on PHL to MCO - quite bumpy on the climb, definitely hitting moderate for a few moments. Cruising was lightly bumpy for the first half. Smooth the rest of the way. Perfect forecast. Thank you as always. Stay well.