12/21 VIE - IAD Austrian 93


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I'll be flying back tomorrow and would appreciate any insights you could provide. It appears there are storms in both Europe and the Eastern Coast of the US. If it appears the turbulence is expected to be severe on this flight, I may consider postponing as I'm already sick and not in great shape to fly!

Thanks in advance!


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It actually looks very nice for this time of year. Only occasional light, maybe some isolated moderate. I wouldn't worry too much.


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Thanks so much. I went ahead and flew yesterday. It was great until we reached the Nova Scotia / Maine area and then there was turbulence for the remainder of the flight. The landing ranked among the worst I've experienced, with rain, wind, and dark clouds tossing the plane around as we descended. Thankfully things smoothed out about one minute before we touched the ground. At that point, it was just nice to be back!