12/28 8:14 AM lex-atl-mci dl 5376 dl 2075


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Hoping for as good as I got coming out! Looks like the second flight should be ok, not so sure about the first one.


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I think it's now the other way around. Probably second half of second flight might be the bumpiest, the first half of the second flight and first flight just occasional light, maybe a few moderate jolts. Into MCI doesn't look terrific, but hopefully it's not as bad as this worst case forecast (as I forecast all flights)

Welcome back home.


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Spot on with the first flight. The second flight was very smooth, and even though the pilot warned of a bumpy descent, the descent was fine. I noticed we descended sharply and then stayed low for a very long time, which I have never experienced. Last 15 minutes of flight were probably at fl050 or lower.

Cheers! I shouldn't have to fly again for over 8 months!