2/19 6:07am PIT-ORD-AUA. UA3726. UA1563


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Heading to Aruba for a lot of sun, with a tad of work at an education seminar. Thanks for the forecast as always!


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Hi, UAL3726 06:07 07:03 PIT ORD

At PIT, good wether, good takeoff, light to moderate on climb out, remains light to moderate until just past the western border of Pennsylvania, the rest looks fairly good, smooth to lightly bumpy.

Lightly bumpy descent and landing.

One down!

UAL1563 07:57 15:05 ORD AUA

At ORD, still nice, good takeoff, lightly bumpy climb. Decent ride for a lot of it, but some moderate to light in the area of Tennessee or so. Good remainder of the ride, but a moderately bumpy landing in tropically breezy AUA, after a lightly bumpy descent.

Nice job education seminar, being held in a warm tropical locale!


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Thanks for the forecast! It was spot on. PIT-ORD nothing but smooth. ORD-AUA smooth till about mid Tennessee. Visited moderate turbulence for a few mins with the crew taking their jump seats. Captain changed altitude which helped smooth it out a bit to more of a light turbulence for a little while. Then some light-moderate just after the Bahamas with the seatbelt sign back on for a bit. Off to catch some sunshine. Thanks again!