2/25 ORD-LAX AA1247, Take-off Saturday at Noon...


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Perhaps not, things have been rough the past few days! First half, occasional light, second half, some light to moderate over the rockies.


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Saga of the day: Left my house to catch the 1155am flight to LAX, but when I arrived at the airport discovered the computer was left at home. Drove home, got the computer, booked the 1:20 flight, also a 737-800 on American. Boarded the plane at 100pm and noticed our seat area smelled like someone had lost their cookies on the prior flight, which was from LAX to ORD. Hung tough anyway. Pilot pulled back from the gate at 1:20 but then did a u-turn stating there was a mechanical issue. Much to his credit, he offered the chance for people to leave, which I opted to do. I then booked the 3:05pm flight to LAX, which was on a very nice 767-300ER that had arrived from London-Heathrow. Meanwhile, I am looking at the Turb Forecast maps using the smart map application, and it aint looking better. I board anyhow, and settle in to a window seat in row 6. Take off was pretty decent, and I'm thinking to myself that I have about 90 to 120 minutes before I lose my own cookies. But as it turns out the entire flight was very decent. A few bumps here and there, but the flight attendants never had to sit down. Initial cruise was at 30,000 and then they went to 32,000. Glad it is over, and I am grateful that we did not encounter extreme turbulence !!!!!