2/28 2:05pm ATH-TXL A3822


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From Athens to Berlin, there's a bit of weather above Berlin (wind/gusts) so wondering how the route looks.


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Hi, this is for A3 822 14:05 15:50 ATH TXL

At ATH, weather is ok, rainy but otherwise unremarkable.

Lightly bumpy takeoff, moderately bumpy climb. Maps are weird, one indicates moderate-severe on the route below 29,000, one doesn't indicate any turbulence, which is bizarre, but every other data source has this nasty looking knot of red on it. Second half should be better, light to moderately bumpy.

Moderately bumpy descent, lightly bumpy landing, winds forecasted to be 12mph at landing time.

Weird forecast, I'm not quite sure to make out of it.

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