3/17 16:50pm TXL- ATH A3853


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Hello, travelling a bit later this afternoon to Athens. Some of the European maps aren't available anymore and I can't understand how to read the new ones..


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Hello! Might be a little bumpy out of TXL for a bit, smooths out for the majority of the flight, some bumps into Athens possible, but shouldn't be too bad overall. The missing maps weren't that helpful anyway, to be honest.


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I apologize, I set a reminder to follow up on this post, hadn't realized how much time had elapsed!

Most of my forecasting I do with this map:
https://www.turbulenceforecast.com/atlantic.php (or it's other three friends, depends on the time of day your flight is)

The red clouds are possible weather, rated by ISOL, OCNL, FREQ. Isol = Isolated, OCNL = Occasional (more dense), FREQ = Frequent (pretty dense!). I look at the radar image before the flight as well (I look at a global satellite radar). Storms usually mean bumpy, but it can be smooth if they are isolated with lots of room to fly around, and bumpier if the weather is more dense.

The other thing I look for is the green arrows. The green arrows by themselves usually mean light bumps (or nothing at all). The green arrows with yellow lines around them indicate areas of bumps are forecasted, usually moderate as indicated with a ^, or moderate-severe if the ^ is double stacked.

The fraction looking thing is altitude, so for example, 350/250 is from 35,000ft to 25,000ft. 350/XXX means 35,000 all the way down (the same of which goes for the weather areas).

Looking at that, and stepping through the flight times, tells you 90% of how to forecast the flight. You can look at other maps on the site to kind of fill in gaps in the picture, such as looking at pilot reports of turbulence (but only for the US), and just seeing how they line up.

Another one I look at for Europe is these:

Reason being is that they report lower altitude stuff as well (important for take off and landing).

Sorry for the long delay, and I hope this helps!