4/26/12 rsw-ord


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I didn't get a chance to post this flight before I left, but I have a question maybe someone can answer.
After pulling back at the gate, we sat on the runway for at least 15 minutes. I know that the airline wants to push back on time so that they have an "on time" departure for the stats, but after push back, the pilot said that they had to crunch a few numbers because there was a big tailwind around the airport and they had to be sure that our weight was "legal". No further explanation was given, but we did have a bumby take off and ride until we got to altitude. Can someone explain this?


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My guess is that you had a bunch of cargo on board and lots of pax and luggage, and they had to make sure you weren't overweight for the fuel carried, winds encountered, etc. You have to have a certain amount of fuel on board, enough to make your destination, and an alternate airport or two, plus some additional time for extra margin. Perhaps one of our airline industry people can clarify a bit more.


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There might have been a tailwind component at the departing runway which was more than they anticipated. Then you have to recalculate the takeoff performance (assumed temperature and V-speeds.)
If the runway is short or if there are obstacles in the takeoff path, takeoff might not be possible at given weight and the tailwind component.