4/26 6:10am ROC-BWI-RDU WN765/WN392


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Heading down to Raleigh for a few days for work. Hoping for a decent first flight in 14 months since last week didn’t work out.



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I few for the first time recently and it was a relief, but I kind of lost my air legs as it were, so glad to get them back.

WN765 06:20 07:15 ROC BWI

At ROC, might be a little windy, lightly bumpy takeoff, a few light bumps on climb. Good ride, lightly bumpy to smooth at altitude. Lightly bumpy descent into BWI, good landing.

WN392 08:45 09:40 BWI RDU

At BWI, weather good, good takeoff, lightly bumpy climb out. Good ride, smooth to lightly bumpy. Lightly bumpy to smooth descent into RDU, great landing.

Two good ones, welcome back to the friendly skies.


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Two good ones for sure! Some bumps on the way into BWI and some bumps on the way out on the way to RDU. Other then that the flights were smooth as silk!