4/28 9:25am RDU-BWI-ROC WN4430/WN4175


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Monday flights were great - a nice re-introduction after 14 months on the ground and got my flying legs back. Time to head back from RDU to ROC via BWI. Looks about the same as Monday so hoping for a couple of good flights... and thankful that they're not a super early 6am flight, those are the worst!

Thanks again!


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Hi, WN4430 09:35 10:25 RDU BWI

At RDU, weather is good, lightly bumpy takeoff, light to moderate on climb out. Bumpier than the outbound was, light to moderate for this one at altitude. Light to moderate on descent, but a good landing at BWI.

WN4175 11:33 12:30 BWI ROC

Still nice at BWI, lightly bumpy takeoff, light to moderate on climb, and on cruise. Light to moderate on descent, lightly bumpy landing.

Kind of more average flights here.


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Average flights for sure but not bad. Pretty good bumps out of RDU and it sorta felt like riding those pirate ships at an amusement park, the ones that make you feel weightless, for the first few minutes.
Smoothed out a bit but not much pretty much light the whole way but the flight attendants toughed it out for beverages.
Second flight was a bit bumpier and the crew couldn’t do it. Had to suspend beverage service, then it was smooth for the last 25 minutes. Definitely some light close to moderate on landing in ROC.
Either way home now and it’s good to have a couple flights in again. I was thinking air travel might be a thing of the past for a while but definitely not, all 4 flights were sold out.