4/3 6am PWM-ATL-TUS DAL1249 DAL1240


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Hi, posting just a few hours shy of 2 days since I will be busy the next couple. Flying home to Tucson from Portland, Maine with a stopover in Atlanta. Was wondering how it looked! Thanks so much,

DEP: 6am
ARR: 9am

DEP: 10:38am
ARR: 11:38am


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Hi, for PWM to ATL, doesn't look too bad, lightly bumpy on the way down, a bit bumpier over West Virginia, but otherwise just occasional light with maybe one or two isolated moderate bumps.

For ATL to TUS, looks like most of the flight has a chance of some light to moderate along the way, but lighter side and more occasional, perhaps bumpiest near and into New Mexico, although this one is a tough call to make in terms of forecasts. I'll try and take a look in the morning as well.


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Hi there, the flights were really good actually. It was pretty much continuous light from New York area down to Atlanta. From Atlanta to Tucson, captain said we should expect moderate turbulence over Alabama and Louisiana and it really only lasted for maybe 10 minutes or so. Other than that, just occasional bumps here and there. Got a bit bumpy over New Mexico but it wasn't bad at all. Landing in Tucson had the usual bumps due to the mountains, but it was smoother than most of my flights into Tucson. Thanks for the report!