4/3 9am GJT-DEN-IAH UA4564 UA545


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GJT-DEN, departs 09:00, lands 10:10

A bit of light to moderate on climb out and descent, at altitude looks lightly bumpy, most of the turbulence action is just to your south and west, so this one, not too bad.

DEN-IAH also looks pretty good, a few light bumps on climb out, flight down looks to be lightly bumpy to smooth, lightly bumpy descent, landing looks to be lightly bumpy.

So, two decent ones, but not perfect


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Spot on! I don't know why I ever include the legs from western CO to Denver because it's always the same, unless it's snowing in the winter or thunderstorming in the summer.

I was surprised at how unsettled it was on the way into IAH-seems some thunderstorms were developing in the area, and it was bumpier landing here than into/out of DEN (which is always at least a little wiggly).

Thanks again!