4/7 6:45am IAH-DEN-MTJ UA2226 UA5857


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IAH DEN 0645 0814 UA2226

Storms in the area, might be a bad takeoff, or just lightly bumpy takeoff, light to moderate on climb, remains light to moderate till DEN. Light to moderate on descent, landing good though.

DEN MTJ 0935 1043 UA5857

Filed for 24,000, perhaps a lightly bumpy ride over, but I would expect a light to moderately ride for most of this one, as you spend a lot of time on climb and descent (about half the flight)

It's going to be bumpy for most of the US tomorrow, so we aren't just picking on your route ;)


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Thanks! The plane had a mechanical issue and now we're socked in by all the storms so are indefinitely delayed. Captain just said "we have no idea what happens next" so we may just give up for today and try to get home tomorrow.