5/31 LAX to ORD, wheels-up at 230pm


Lifetime Elite
Got tired of flying United and all the delays they have on the 757's due to their age and mechanical issues.

So, I flew on American Airlines - they now have two flights per day from LAX to ORD that use new 737-800's. Arrived at LAX, and the new plane looked great.

Flew first class as usual, the cabin was nice, but unlike the Virgin American A320, the entertainment options are narrow. What was nice about the 737-800 is that there are "normal" plug-ins for your electrical gizmos - no adapter is needed.

Anyhow, wheels were up at about 2:42 local time. Took a bit longer on the ramp to get airborne than I expected, though. Seemed as if the plane was struggling to get up in the air, which actually had me worried for about 15 seconds or so.

Climb-out was great and smooth. First hour was fine, then we hit some weather in the Nex Mexico area, and there were bumps, some moderate. I ordered a glass of wine and the bumps became more tolerant.

Approach to ORD was smooth, as Chicago had good weather.

On a last note, I had never been to the American terminal at ORD (I always fly United or Jet Blue). I can report that terminal is first class, it was clean and very nice. Makes the United terminal looks pretty shabby.