55km/h at jfk


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the weather site says there will be high winds(with red letters!)55km/h when landing at jfk...is that bad?should i worry???????

(i am afraid of flying...)


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It might be pretty bumpy, but nothing to worry about. If the winds exceed the plane's capabilities (unlikely) or the pilots feel uncomfortable landing, you'll either hold until the situation improves or go to another airport...

I also try to be a little careful with forecasts like the one you mention. I'm also the guy who looks at the weather predictions a week before the flight and all, but lots of times the weather changes at the last minute and conditions improve...


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I totally understand... It's the worst part of flying for sure... I'm very much a white knuckler... :)


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That's only 30mph, I wouldn't worry too much. The winds are already dying down. The marks on the map if you see any, are for icing, not turbulence.

As for weather predictions, I agree with alenguy, you usually don't get the weather that they predict.