6/08 AMS - CTU 20:00z KLM0891


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If your airport codes are correct, tough to say, we have such poor coverage over there, but I don't see any obvious signs of trouble on the jet stream map. Maybe b744 will chime in.


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Most parts will be fine, but you can expect some turbulence in China, probably from Urumqi (NW China) until Chengdu, as there are probably some storms / high clouds in that area and a pretty strong jetstream. I'm flying that route very regularly and it's almost always the same. For the way back: from Chengdu to Lanzhou is always bumpy due to mountains and high upper winds. Enjoy KLM and the 744 ;-) Gate F07, ac reg PH-BFV


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Good flight, a little light over Kazakhstan, but the predicted turbulence over China didn't materialise thank goodness. Many thanks tb_neg and B744drvr