7/21 sdf-tpa wn4173 6:00am edt


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Thread for the flight back. I think this one will be OK, the one up I am not so sure about. Lucky for me Southwest's only direct on this route on a Sunday happens to be so early. My anxiety will be much less and I'll probably be too tired to stress out about it.

Thanks in advance. :)


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Hi, here's WN4173 0610 0800 SDF TPA

At SDF, you're out before any weather, for a good takeoff and climb. If you can avoid weather, a good flight, with the possibility for weather in the area centered around Tennessee.

At TPA, you're in before weather, so I think if you can skillfully fly the plane around the weather...err...passenger successfully, you should be in for a decent one. White Claws on me!