8/28 1:21pm MTJ-ORD-LHR UA4578 UA938


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Heading across the pond to check out the UK for the first time. Thanks in advance for any info!


PS- The last time I requested a forecast I realized I submitted it really late, but I got a response anyway. Thank you for that.


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Hello, here's UAL4578 13:21 17:10 MTJ ORD

Very nice flight, just a few light to moderate bumps nearer to ORD, mostly lighter side, perhaps a few light to moderate. Windy at ORD, a bit of light to moderate on landing.

UAL938 coming in a few hours.


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Hello, this is for UAL938 21:15 10:49 ORD LHR

Windy at Chicago, a few light bumps on climb, lightly bumpy at first, turning light to moderate just east of Toronto, for about 45 minutes, smoothing out. Looks like you're just north of Erin. Smooths out over Maine, good ride until about an hour east of Canada, then occasional light to moderate for the remainder of the ocean crossing. It's indicated for 36,000 and below, so you can easily climb above that, but still might be a few bumps.

Bumps let up just short of LHR, then a lightly bumpy descent and landing into LHR.