8/6 7:30AM PIT-ATL-MCO DL1160 DL2420


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Hello there! Nice forum upgrade....looks great! Sounds like it was quite the headache for a bit though based on a post below. Glad you got it all sorted out. Really clean look.

First time back in the air since Feb. We'll see how it goes. Definitely going to be a different experience no doubt. Thanks for any forecast as always! ✈


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Hi, this is for DAL1160 07:30 09:06 PIT ATL

At PIT, weather looks good, good takeoff, good flight, looks excellent! Not much to say here. ATL looks good too, good descent and landing.

DAL2420 09:59 11:30 ATL MCO

ATL weather looks ok still, good takeoff, good climb. Good ride until the Florida border, then you start running into a bit of weather, but earlier flight helps a bit here.

Occasional light to moderate for the remainder, but shouldn't be too bad if you can stay away from weather, the air is fairly stable. Occasional light to moderate on descent into MCO, same for landing, but weather not forecasted near MCO until 14:00, so you have some time before it gets stormy.

So, not too bad at all. I wonder how the Orlando tourism / convention business is doing 😬


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Hey there. Thanks for the forecast. It was refreshing to see the forecast in my mailbox this morning after not flying for 5 months. Flights were perfect, both. As smooth as you can get.

Orlando airport was empty if its any indication their tourism business can not be that good. Maybe every 4th or 5th store/restaurant open. It was, in a weird way, interesting to see and experience. I felt completely safe the entire time. Delta did an amazing job. From pre departure messages, to boarding, on board, and deplaning. No issues. Both planes cleaner than any plane I've ever set foot on. Masks by everyone the entire time, no one complaining.

This was a test run for future travel.....An excuse to get away for a long weekend. See you Sunday.